Dear Parents,

I wanted to provide you with some information about the services that I will be providing at Broadway Elementary this year, and how students and parents can access my services.  My primary role as a school counselor is to provide social and emotional education and support for children.  I meet with children in the following ways:

  • Whole class lessons – School counselors serve all children in the school by providing whole class lessons.  The topics for the lessons are based on ASCA (American School Counseling Association) standards and District 51 mandates.  I also consult with teachers regarding student needs.  Students will learn skills and strategies for getting along with others during my lessons.  


  • Small groups – Small groups are organized based on student needs.  Some of my groups support students in educational ways (Goal groups), some are more therapeutic in nature (for students who worry a lot, or need help controlling anger), and some will support kids with family changes (Changing Family/Divorce group or Grief group).  I will ask for parent permission for small groups that are more therapeutic in nature or that involve family issues.  Please let me know if you think your child needs support in any of these areas.      


  • Individual counseling -   Students are allowed to request to see me if they are having a problem.  I have an envelope with my name on it, and slips of paper, taped to the wall in the hallway just past the main office.  I will notify parents if the concern is serious enough to warrant notification, or if I see your child more than a few times.  I also see students individually when  requested by a teacher or parent.  School counselors do not provide long term individual counseling, but I can provide information about community counselors if needed. 

I look forward to a great year of learning and growing with your children!  Please let me know if you have any questions about the services I will be providing, or if you have concerns about your child.  I will be working at Broadway on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 


Leslie Atchison

Broadway Elementary School Counselor



Hello Parents,

Here is a description of the small groups I offer at Broadway Elementary: 

  • Goal groups – The purpose of this group is to offer support for students in accomplishing school related goals (academic, behavioral, or social) established between the teacher and the student.  My role is to meet with students individually or in small groups (if goals are similar) to help them make a plan for accomplishing their goals, help them monitor their progress, and to provide encouragement along the way. 


  • Changing Family/Divorce group – The purpose of this group is to offer support for students who have experienced a recent change in their family due to parental separation or divorce. 


  • Grief group – The purpose of this group is to offer support for students who have recently experienced the death of a close family member or loved one.  A hospice worker often joins the school counselor to co-facilitate these groups in the school setting. 


  • P/T Cruiser group, P/T = Positive Thinking – This group is for students who worry a lot.  The purpose of this group is to help students learn to think positively and learn various relaxation techniques that help with reducing worrying.  I use a workbook with students called What To Do When You Worry Too Much which teaches these strategies.   
  • Lunch Bunch (offered to 4th grade girls in the fall, and 5th grade girls in the spring) – The purpose of this group is to equip the girls with skills to handle girl drama and to increase self-esteem.  The girls will be encouraged to use positive forms of communication and to avoid negative talk such as gossip and spreading rumors.  
  • Super Flex – The purpose of this group is to increase students’ awareness of social behavior and knowledge of social expectations.  I will be using a Superhero Social Thinking curriculum called “Superflex” which teaches social thinking lessons/concepts through a comic book series and engages students as “social detectives”. 


  • Friendship Group – This group is for kids who are shy and have difficulty making friends or speaking up in class because of shyness or lack of confidence.  This group will focus on social skills and gaining confidence. 


Please talk with your child’s classroom teacher (or let me know) if you are interested in your child participating in one of these groups, or if you have questions about any of these groups. 

Thank you,

Leslie Atchison

Broadway School Counselor

254-6430, Ext. 42108




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