Drop Off & Pick Up


Morning Drop Off 8:45 a.m. and go directly to classroom (tardy bell 8:55am)
Breakfast, if partaking, begins at 8:25 - enter through front door and sit with cohort

Afternoon Pick Up -  Teachers will bring their class outside at 4:00 pm (2:00 pm on Fridays) to an assigned space in front of the building. (Kdg. comes out front a few minutes early)

Safe Cross Walking.png

Providing a safe learning environment for all of our students is one of our major goals. Please help us attain our goal by remembering the playground is not available to students before or after school this year.

Please help us maintain a nice traffic flow by remembering and adhering to the following procedures:
             * Stay with your car if you stop along the curb. The curb in front and to the east and west of the building is for PICK UP / DROP OFF ONLY. 

             *If you are going into the building, even briefly, please park in a parking space.
            *Always pull as far forward as possible to the West, when picking up or dropping off. This keeps the line from backing up into the highway. 

          *If you are parked out in the lot, away from the curb, please get out of your car, walk (at designated crosswalks) and meet your child at the curb. For safety reasons, children are instructed to remain on the sidewalk until escorted by an adult
          *Park on Village Way to avoid the parking lot congestion. Students will be exiting through the gap in the fence.

          *Preschool parents will receive information on pick-up and drop-off areas during family meetings

          *The back parking lot is for staff and preschool parking only.