Broadway Behavior Expectations

School ground rules before, during and after school: BE SAFE, BE KIND

Take turns, share kindly, and be respectful of others.

Hands and feet to yourselves, no pulling, pushing, wrestling or tackling.

Leave roller blades, roller shoes, skates and/or skateboards at home.

Running or standing on top of playground equipment is not permitted.

Leave rocks, sticks and snow on the ground.

Inappropriate language is unacceptable.

Stay on the playground and in view of the adult on duty.


Specific Guidelines:


One person at a time on the swing.

Do not jump out of swing.

Swing forward and back, not side to side.



No gravel or toys on the slide.

Go down feet first and on your bottom.

No climbing up or out of slide.



No standing on the bars.

No climbing on top of high bars and high structures.



Only plastic bats, tennis balls and whiffle balls are allowed for baseball games.

4 Square Rules that are posted on the gym door must be followed (no made-up rules)

Establish rules for other games before the game is started.



No hard balls i.e. golf balls, baseballs, softballs.


Technology is for learning tasks only. No device use on the playground.